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THE STUDIO IS LOCATED @ Patios At the Rail in Frisco

7511 Main St STE 200, Frisco, TX 75034


When you arrive at the studio with your outfits I will show you the changing room where you can hang up your clothes. You can take a moment to get comfortable before we begin shooting. We can go at your pace. I will not keep you in the studio any longer than you desire to be. At the same time, I won’t rush your headshot. Everyone that comes into the studio receives the attention they deserve so we can capture headshots that fit your needs.


Just like the lighting, pose, and composition of your image, one of the most important factors in your headshot is your expression. This is where facial expression coaching comes into play and is the part of the session that takes time.


I want you to leave your headshot session with images you love, the last thing I want is for you to leave with a headshot that doesn’t match your personality or the intention. It takes time to get the right expressions. That is because when you first step in front of the camera it’s uncomfortable or it feels awkward, I understand that. The expression we want to capture in your images is confidence and approachability. It might take a few minutes to get there, which is awesome, or it might take us a little longer to get there, but that is completely okay. We have plenty of time to capture those expressions and to do all of your outfit changes as well.


Throughout the session I will be your coach, guiding you on all things expression, angles, body positioning, hair, and wardrobe. The focus of the session is to capture great images, we can spend as little or as long as we need in order to get the shots you will love. When it comes to showing confidence and approachability in your headshots, the key is to look relaxed, and like you have control over the situation. We get the perfect combination of both confidence and looking approachable by having fun and capturing your personality.


As we capture images throughout the session I will be bringing you over to the monitor to look through them. I use this as a coaching tool so you can visually see what you look like. This allows you to see how an outfit looks or if there is anything you want to change, and if there is we can do it right then


After the session, we will go through all the images together. From there, you will pick your favorite image to be professionally retouched. During this time I can give you as much or as little input as you like as well as my opinion on what the best shots are, it’s always good having a second opinion about how you look other than your own. Once your favorite image is selected they are sent off for retouching this typically can take 3-5 business days. Your images will be delivered as high-resolution JPEGs. You will receive a full-sized image, a square crop for social media like Instagram & LinkedIn, and you will receive my preferred crop which highlights the main focus, you.